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Trusted Art Marketplace
Post war and modern art, contemporary art, asian art, orientalist art, archaeology…

Who are we ?

Welcome to Plazzart !

Plazzart ?

Created in 2012, Plazzart is a platform sourcing artworks and art objects from around the world. These works have been previously suggested by our network of verified sellers and put online onto the marketplace by the curatorial team. Today, Plazzart showcases between 15 000 and 20 000 artworks and art objects in more than 15 categories, including modern and contemporary art, design, archaeology, African arts or jewelry. With now almost more than 10 000 sold artworks and art objects, Plzzart positions itself as a major player within the online art market.

Plazzart or purchasing art with complete trust

Reflecting our slogan, "Trusted Art Marketplace", you can be reassured in choosing your artworks and art objects with complete trust in us. The Plazzart team gives you daily recommendations with a catalogue of quality works while ensuring the quality and authenticity of these objects.

Our ambition : breaking down the complexities of the art market

Plazzart offers you the possibility of treating yourself by buying art in the simplest and fastest way possible. You want to start buying art, but you don't know where to start? You have a collection and you want to enrich it? You are moving into your new flat and you want to give it an artsy touch? We are here to help you in your quest for art!

The Team

Entrepreneurs who specialise in the online art market, we are a young team with varied and complementary skills, here to listen to the needs of all the stakeholders within the market: amateurs who do not always have the keys to starting out well, seasoned collectors, experts and sellers. We are also very attached to our community of sellers and clients who regularly intervene to flag up eventual issues.

Vincent Hutin

Having fallen into art accidentally, Vincent is convinced technology can help to make it become loved and shared. In his spare time, he makes films and theatre plays. He is also a great amateur of sailing.

With a degree from the Ecole Centrale (1988), former director of, and formal operations director at SFR and Débitel, he has accompanied, founded or co-founded 5 start-ups.

"Art only has value if it is shared by all."

Didier Beaumelle

A real jack of all trades, Didier is passionate about art in all its forms. When he is not discovering a new artist, Didier is in museums visiting all the exhibitions.

With a degree from the Institut National Agronomique of Paris (1987), he is the former technical director and founder of, and former CTO of AGL.
"Nature creates men similar, art makes them different."

"Nature creates men similar, art makes them different."
Lena Jaroschek

Passionate about design and contemporary art, Lena is not tongue-tied. Possessing a great sense of humour, she loves the unconventional.

Lena has a BA degree in law and a masters in contemporary art. After several experiences in auction houses and art galleries, Lena has joined the stimulating world of start-ups in 2014.

"When art is missing, all is empty."

Céline Paillusson

A lover of words, Céline loves losing herself in the capital city and discover art at the corner of a street, a museum or gallery. When she lifts her head up from her computer, it's to immerse herself in a book.

Céline has an art history degree and a contemporary art market degree. After having worked in press relations and in a decorative arts gallery, Céline joined LotPrivé in 2019.

"Art is everywhere for those who want to see it."

Simon Delacoux des Roseaux

A true comics fanatic, Simon has always dreamt of being a superhero.

Possessing an innate sense of commercial development, he has used his talents at Christie's and deploys them now on Plazzart. He has a degree from EM Lyon.

"We only see art with the heart."

Laurent Barbeau

Always between Paris and Ho Chi Minh City, Laurent needs the tropical heat to deploy the extent of his talent.

He has created websites for more than 20 years and codes faster than his shadow. If he is not solving a technical problem, Laurent enjoys a yoga session.

"Happiness is often hidden in art."

Claire Mead

Claire has discovered art via her drawing sessions in museums and now makes her own exhibitions within them, after having worked in galleries and auction houses.

Between Paris and London, she puts her dual Franco-British nationality and degrees in art history and curating to the benefit of Plazzart. Hidden talent: fencing.

"Art is the only language we all share."