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Our selection of works by Hervé Télémaque (born in 1937)

Works by Hervé Télémaque (born in 1937), a french artist of haitian origins, associated to the movement of Figuration Narrative. He lives and works in Paris since 1961. In 1957, he left Haïti for New York. During his stay in the US, where he regularly went to museums, he is directly in contact with abstract expressionnism and surrealism, as they are reinterpretated by american artists (De Kooning, Lam, etc), and is influenced by Arshile Gorky. In 1961, il he settled in Paris, where he was spending time with the Surrealists. But it is in the precepts of Pop Art that he found his way. Starting from 1962, he took part in the Figuration narrative with artists like Bernard Rancillac, Eduardo Arroyo, Peter Klasen, Öyvind Fahlström, Jacques Monory. In 1966 he started introducing objects in his series « Combines paintings », evocating Robert Rauschenberg's or Martial Raysse's ones. Between 1968 and 1969, he ceased painting to practice "assembling" sculptures. He came back in 1970 to painting, adopting a more uncluttered style, characterized by flat tints. In 1984 he was naturalized french. Starting from the 1990's, he continued his artistic reasearch through large charcoal drawings, and stunning low-reliefs. The 2000's marked a return to his african roots, as the "negritude" movement claim it. In 2000, he started, again doing book illustration with series of engravings and lithographs. In 2010, he sponsored the auction « Haïti Action Artistes ». From February 25th, 2015 to May 18th, 2015, the Musée national d'art moderne Centre Pompidou will host a big retrospective of his works with 74 paintings, drawings, collages, objects, and assembled works.